Dear Fellow Theatre Organ Enthusiast

It seems as if we are “rounding that corner” with regards to COVID and lockdowns and should be back to “normal” soon.

With that in mind, the American Theatre Organ Society 2023 Convention Committee needs to restart and continue with planning for the Chicagoland convention.

We will have the best artists playing the best theatre organs!  But in order to have the best convention, we need to have a great and enthusiastic group of volunteers.

At this moment, I am looking for 4 volunteers to head up 4 committees.  These are very important for the planning of the convention and must all work together to have the best convention.

The four committee leads are:  1).  Transportation   2).  Registration   3).  Hospitality and 4).  Publicity.

There is more information on these committees in our June Newsletter!


We will begin to meet on a monthly basis (starting in 2022) with the first few meetings going over the handbook and also what has been done so far.


There will be compensation for the committee chairpersons in reduced hotel rates and for the convention (only) registration fee. 


If you have any questions AND would like to volunteer, please let me know.  Send an email to:




Thank you

Taylor Trimby

CATOE/ATOS 2023 Convention Chairman